Spice up your workstation at home with TÔLE accessories.

Spice up your workstation at home with TÔLE accessories.

The key selling point of any memorable product-centric brand is often defined by its far-sightedness, accessibility, functionality, future-driven designs, and not to mention, irresistible product packaging and presentation.

That being said, at TÔLE, we’ve taken the art & science of product designing very seriously. Our core Brand philosophy orchestrates us to create and market solutions that’ll not only simplify the life of our customers but at the same time, add new meaning and value to their daily objectives.

TÔLE offers an exclusive array of products falling into three major categories- Wireless Chargers, Stands, and Hubs & adapters. All TÔLE products are designed keeping in mind that they are to complement all latest Apple gadgets including iPhone 13 (and series), Airpods pro, iPad Pro, and even the latest Macbooks.

Now, let’s tell you how you can easily spice up your Workstation with TÔLE accessories and achieve more out of your day.


#1 Declutter your workspace with TÔLE MagSnap Wireless Chargers

All TÔLE products are designed to fulfill a simple mantra- “Make life simple”.
While the concept of Magnetic Wireless Chargers is still at its nascent stage in the Indian market, it is flourishing in the West. That being said, we at TÔLE are deliberately taking conscious efforts to make the Indian audience well-aware of this promising concept through our exclusive range of Wireless Chargers

Our team of researchers analyzed the worldwide trends and noted that Apple’s MagSafe technology is undoubtedly going to be a game-changer in the near future. As we saw through the looking glass and predicted the future, we also learned that introducing an array of ergonomic, stylish, Apple-compatible accessories, which surpass the limits of worldwide mobile technology, can make the lives of the tech-savvy, savvier! 

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#2 Expand your horizons with TÔLE multi-port, multi-functional USB hubs

Well, one thing we surely learned from the pandemic is, that come what may, we do not give up on our work and education. Even though the contemporary style of work and education has metamorphosed into a relatively more modern approach which also involves the dependency on mobile gadgets and the internet, relying on multimedia for sensory learning and cognitive development, and computing devices becoming more sentient and an inevitable part of our lives, more like a necessary extension of ourselves, without which we might even fail to keep up with our daily errands, for that matter.

It already appears as though 2022  will be remembered as the year that pushed people to their limits of multi-tasking and over-achievement. And even though a majority of the world will focus on learning new skills and keeping up with evolving digital trends as whiplash to the COVID restrains, multi-tasking will undoubtedly be a key factor in the lives of children going to schools and colleges, and also the working-class heroes across the nation.  

That being said, TÔLE offers two exciting multi-port USB hubs, best-suited for Apple as well as Windows users. The TÔLE Pentadec Plug and play USB hub enhances the functionality of any computing device, be it a laptop, a desktop, a Macbook, or an iPad for that matter, by troubleshooting its Input-Output restrictions and introducing 15 lightning-fast ports with unique functionality. Likewise, the TÔLE Octa-C USB Hub offers 8 additional ports. 

Both these devices are highly portable, sturdy, and look amazing in every kind of setup. These two hubs can be perfect for multi-taskers, creative designers, coders, and even gamers, who often need more ports to perform better.  


#3 Faster data transfer across devices

While the Hubs make the idea of multi-tasking simpler and more achievable, they also make the task of transferring data more reliable and faster. Make the best of the USB 2, 3, and Type-C ports to enjoy flawless data transfer, even on the go.  


#4 Lightning-fast charging for your Apple gadgets

Since Apple products are known to be powered by ultra-fast chargers, we also introduced ultra-fast charging with a Type-C connector, to power your Apple devices efficiently. Let’s just say, our Hubs will become your one-stop solution for any modification you need to achieve your daily productivity goals.


#5 Ergonomic designs and luxurious metal finish

The word TÔLE refers to the use of sheet metal in product designs. We at TÔLE have been fond of metals, not just aesthetically, but also from a functionality point of view. We have always appreciated the thought of creating products that are sturdy, compatible, durable, and last but not the least, good-looking so that also invite you to your workstation to do more and worry less!


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