Only Gets Better with Age

Our natural leather ages likes a wise old sage; the wrinkles and textures narrates the story of its rugged experience and tireless hustle. In six months, it will grow noticeably darker; a reflection of all that it has seen with you. Over the year the earthy tones develops as it patinas through the interaction with the natural elements.

Day 1

Day 100


Leather Love Guide.

Use waterproofing waxes and
sprays to protect from water

Be mindful; leather is porous.
Keep surroundings clean.
Clean promptly if gets dirty.

Condition it every 3-4 months to
maintain shine. Use leather
conditioner/beeswax/mink oil.

No airtight containers. No
direct sunlight. No heat.

Clean it with a damp cloth. No
Soap. Wipe gently. Let air-dry.

Keep it polished, keep its feel
and appearance.