MagSafe Wallet Universal

Color: Black
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  • Free 2-in-1 Wireless Charger with a purchase of ₹6999+
  • Free UniTablet Stand with a purchase of ₹9999+


Imagine the convenience of effortlessly accessing your cards and cash with our universal leather wallet imbued with MagSafe technology. Thoughtfully designed pockets ensure easy organization and quick access while exuding a sense of refinement and indulgence -- a luxurious fit for all. Slide your essentials into their rightful place, ready for seamless organization. No more digging through a cluttered mess or searching for misplaced cards. No more hustling to bare your phone off the wallet or card for charging. Everything is within reach, perfectly arranged for your convenience. Our universal leather wallet with MagSafe understands your needs and simplifies your life. Say goodbye to fumbling and hello to effortless organization. Experience the joy of having your essentials at your fingertips with our MagSafe Universal Magnetic Wallet. Convenience and luxury in the palm of your hand.


‎0.34 X 6.36 X 9.63 cm




2 cards


Genuine Leather


12 months


3M Tape (All smartphones)

Special Offer

Better Together

Grab a 2-in-1 Wireless Charger for free with a purchase of ₹6999 or the UniTablet Stand with a purchase of ₹9999 & above.

Only Gets Better with Age

Natural leather, timeless stories. Our brand ages with you, reflecting your journey in every texture and hue.

Day 1

Day 100

Brown MagSafe Compatible Magnetic Wallet Case For Phones

Exquisite Wallet Craftsmanship.

A thoughtfully designed wallet that provides effortless access to your cards and cash, and a sense of refinement.

Brown MagSafe Compatible Magnetic Wallet Case For Phones

Effortless Wallet Organisation.

Keep your cards and cash effortlessly organised and easily accessible with our thoughtfully designed wallet.

Brown MagSafe Compatible Magnetic Wallet Case For Phones

Pocket-friendly Convenience.

Embrace the freedom of a compact and streamlined wallet that effortlessly fits in your pocket.

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