Apple Watch Band

Color: black
Device: 44/45 mm


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  • Free 2-in-1 Wireless Charger with a purchase of ₹6999+
  • Free UniTablet Stand with a purchase of ₹9999+


Our Horween Leather 32 Piece Magnet Apple Watch Band is the epitome of style, functionality, and innovation. Crafted from top-quality Horween-style leather, this band brings a touch of timeless elegance to your wrist. But it's not just about aesthetics; it's built to withstand life's challenges with its waterproof feature, ensuring your Apple Watch stays protected in wet conditions. Make it your new favorite addition, and let it accompany you on your journey, aging gracefully with every step you take. Square up and buckle up; your wrist deserves the very best.


25 X 21 mm


50 g


100% Genuine Fully Vegetable Tanned Horween Style Leather


12 months

Waterproofing Capacity

6 hrs /3 mts

Special Offer

Better Together

Grab a 2-in-1 Wireless Charger for free with a purchase of ₹6999 or the UniTablet Stand with a purchase of ₹9999 & above.

Only Gets Better with Age

Natural leather, timeless stories. Our brand ages with you, reflecting your journey in every texture and hue.

Day 1

Day 100


Modern Design. Traditional Values.

This Apple Watch Band beautifully marries the best of both worlds -- a timeless piece with a contemporary edge, embodying a harmonious balance between the past and the present.

Waterproof Durability.

In a world filled with unpredictability, your Apple Watch needs extra protection. Our band is designed to withstand life's unexpected moments -- a reassuring layer of defense that allows you to go about your day without worrying about your technology.

32-piece Magnet Band.

Our Apple Watch Band features a cutting-edge 32-piece magnet system, allowing for precise and effortless adjustments to achieve a secure, comfortable fit. This innovative design not only enhances convenience but also ensures a superior level of comfort for your wrist.

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